Review Policy

Heroines of Fantasy is pleased to be adding weekly book reviews to our growing list of activities. 
We review only books in the following genres:  fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction.
We are most interested in novels published by legitimate small press, novels written by women authors, and/or novels that feature complex female characters.
HoF does not use a “5-star system” for its reviews. Either a book receives a review, or it does not.  Reviews may be positive, negative, or anything in between. Exceptional work that stands head and shoulders above the rest may be awarded a starred review, in the tradition of certain editorial magazines.  HoF starred reviews are only award to those books that, in addition to being exceptional, meet the criteria we wish to support and promote:  small press novels, novels that include complex women characters, and/or novels written by women.
Authors interested in having their book reviewed should submit queries to HoFreviews(at)
Queries must include the following information:
Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date, Brief Description, Cover Image, Purchase Link, and Available Formats for Review (print, electronic, and if electronic, mobi, epub, etc.)
If a reviewer decides to review a book, he or she will contact the author and request a copy of the novel.  If you do not receive a response to your query, it means your book was not chosen for review.
We recommend you browse our list of reviewers before submitting your query.  Different reviewers may have different reading preferences. If you would like to direct your query to a particular reviewer, please indicate this in the subject heading of your query.

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