Review Index

Reviews are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Alexander, Adam. The Shifter's Trail

Anderton, Joe. Guardian

Bass, Mary Beth.  Everything You Know

Bear, Elizabeth. Karen Memory

Cross, Ted. The Immortality Game

Dickson, H. Leighton. To Journey in the Year of the Tiger

Duncan, Rod. Unseemly Science

Faktorovich, Anna. The Romances of George Sand

Garcia, R.S.A. Lex Talionis

Gastreich, Karin Rita. High Maga

Graetz, Shirley. She Wrote on Clay

Hart, Aidan. Irenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy

Hines, Jim C. Invisible and The Rise of the Spider Goddess

Holt, Kay T., and Bart R. Lieb (editors). Fat Girl in a Strange Land

Huang, S.L. Zero Sum Game

Huang, S.L. Half Life

Jeminsin, N.K. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms (Inheritance Trilogy, Parts 1 and 2)

Kolt, K.J. Bear Heart

Koyanagi, Jacquelyn. Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel

Lanagan, Margo. Cracklescape

Lawrence, Katherine M. Cold Blood

Leckie, Ann. Ancillary Justice

Lee, Tanith. Night's Master

Liu, Cixin (author) and Liu, Ken (translator) The Three Body Problem

Long, Ruth Francis. A Crack in Everything

MacPherson, Marie. The First Blast of the Trumpet

McKeown, Brian. Hannah's Left Hook 

Middleton, Audra. Hitchhiker

Moore, C.L. Jirel of Joiry

Morrison, Shelby K. Shattered

O'Dowd, Katy. Memento Mori

O'Rourke, Gillian. The Reluctant Prophet

Perera, Marian. The Deepest Ocean

Pirrone, D.M. Shall We Not Revenge

Powell, E.M. The Fifth Knight

Rabe, Jeane. Athena’s Daughters Vol. 1: Women in Science-Fiction and Fantasy

Reed, Sabine A. The Black Orb

Roberts, Wren. Three Days of Night

Schmidt, Bryan Thomas. Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age

Skalka, Patricia. Death Stalks Door County

Soldatos, Irene. Bad Bishop

Steffl, Anna. Seeking Solace

Sulway, N.A. Rupetta

Tiffany, Grace. Paint

Vicino, Anthony. Time Heist

Williams, Kevin Wayne. Everything I Know About Zombies I Learned in Kindergarten