Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome [Your Guest Suggestion Here]!

Hello, loyal readers!

Did you know that we have made over 190 posts since our first post on September 5, 2011, including posts from regular contributors, guests, and our book reviewers? We are very proud of what we’ve done here on the blog, and we hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing for you.

I am impressed by the number of fantastic guests we’ve threat—er, persuaded to come and blog for us. We have been fortunate to host aspiring and published authors, artists, and just all around interesting people over the years, all of whom have offered a fresh, interesting perspective about a variety of topics, from their hobbies and interests to the craft of writing. I know I’ve enjoyed reading their posts, and I hope you have, too!

In fact, this month I thought I’d throw a question out to our readers and get some discussion going: who are some of your “dream guests” you’d like to see hosted here on the blog? If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t asked your favorite author to blog for us, now’s your chance to speak up! Dare us to ask George R. R. Martin to blog for us about the next several characters (all your favorites) that he’s going to kill! Encourage us to seek out new authors we haven’t yet been exposed to and find out what they’re working on! Enlighten us about new artists or SFF-industry professionals you would like to hear about!

This is your moment, dear readers! Inspire us to keep bringing you outstanding content that you care about by filling up our comments with suggestions and inspiration. I, for one, can’t wait to see the recommendations! And with luck, pretty soon we’ll have some pretty amazing new guest posts, too!

~Kim Vandervort

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