Monday, December 31, 2012

Another year ends, another begins...

2012 gives way to 2013, and we here at Heroines of Fantasy have some New Year's Wishes to share.

May you have music in your life and freedom in your heart!
                                     ~Adiana of Selkynsen (Eolyn)

May the seeds you have planted bear abundant fruit, and may the magic you wield be true in its purpose. 
         ~Tzeremond (Eolyn)

Enjoy the adventure. Live the moment. May at least one of your dreams come true in 2013.
                                                                                      ~Karin Rita Gastreich, author of Eolyn

Don't be afraid to roll the dice. Nothing ever changes if you never take a chance.
                                                                                                     ~Ethen Finder (Finder)

May you walk in dragon footsteps, and may the Dragon Bones be kind.
                                                                                     ~Bahgwam  (A Time Never Lived)

Modesty may be for suckers, but gratitude needs a bit of humility. I humbly and sincerely thank my co-contributors for all their love, my readers for their enthusiasm, and anyone who is reading this right now for the moment taken to do so. A writer writes, even if they have no one they are writing for. Having readers is an honor and a privilege I never take for granted. Happy New Year! May 2013 be fabulous!
              ~Terri-Lynne DeFino, author of Finder and A Time Never Lived

Wishing the Peace of Renia's Tears to all those in need. Words when you want them, time to think of their meaning, and the craft to give them back to the world in the form most beautiful and useful.
   ~Devyn Ambrose (The Poets of Pevana)

Wishing all those whose dreams still wait for them...make them real.
                                                                   ~Eleni Caralon (The Poets of Pevana)

Wishing wisdom to all who wield power. Not to strike without need but to shield those in need of shelter.
           ~Donari Avedun (The Poets of Pevana)

Wishing the joy of grandfatherhood to all men in their right time. Forget dangling the diadem of rule. There is more power in holding that small frame who looks up at you with hope of the future, with your own eyes, from your past.
                                      ~Sylvanus Tamorgen (King's Gambit)

Wishing love to all those in search of love. May you find the words and the way to heart's desire.
                         ~Lyvia Tamorgen and Talyior Enmbron (King's Gambit)

Happy reading in 2013! Here's to the artificers of dreams, the storytellers! Let the tales spin out like celestial yarn, weaving all within the cosmic tartan of believe, make-believe, the is and what ifs. May the well of your faith grant you the time and the space to follow your path of words at your own pace. Onward!
~Mark Nelson, author of The Poets of Pevana and King's Gambit (May 2013)

Do not fear the future; fear the consequences of never striving to become more than who you are.
           ~ Queen Ki'leah Alrhiane Del'Sivahr (The Northern Queen)

Know your friends. Respect your enemies. And keep your fingers away from the sharp end.
           ~ Britta Kayne (The Song and the Sorceress)

My wish for the new year? Never give up on your dreams, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable. Work a little, play a little, love much, and above all, LIVE.
   ~ Kim Vandervort, author of The Song and the Sorceress, The Northern Queen, and Outcast (coming Spring 2013)